Dreaming of Aizle

There’s a reason why it’s literally taken a year to get a booking at this restaurant. That’s because it serves undisputedly delicious food, with the most knowledgeable service at a reasonable price in an unfussy and relaxed atmosphere. What’s not to love? Nothing that’s what. Sometimes, just sometimes, the hype and the wait are worth […]

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Party of one. No problem

Sometimes I need to get away from it all. That doesn’t mean driving to the West Coast of Scotland and getting on a ferry to the Isle of Mull (although that’s a great weekend break and I’ll do another post on that). No. Just an hour or two out of the house with my own […]

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Date night? Yes please!

Dates. I love them. What better mood booster than being wined and dined? It’s hard to beat. But getting the drink/dinner choices and combination just right can be tricky. So whether it’s a Tinder surprise, deciding either way, or its a done deal. Here’s my perfect pairings to be wined, dined and wooed in Edinburgh. […]

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