Andrew Fairlie, Gleneagles

Go for: a special occasion with someone you love.

This one has been in my little black book of ‘places I must eat in’ for five years now, so its no surprise that I had ‘managed my expectations’ before setting foot in this world famous restaurant. However, I’m still reeling from my magical mystery tour of flavours from my Saturday night dining experience.

The experience starts on entering the darkly lit windowless dining room. You can tell the decor has been carefully designed for comfort with upholstered furniture and even a cute little footstool for my handbag. A curious curation of artwork dons the walls at every angle should one’s date become tedious and you find yourself in need of something gorgeous and interesting to stare at – when you know checking Facebook at dinner is uncouth.  With chandeliers to die for and hand crafted glassware for your table to add more than a little bit of wow.

Not only that but your neighbours are close enough to eavesdrop on interesting awkward conversations, but far enough away to whisper inappropriate comments to your date without being busted. Overall the perfect setting for some serious food entertainment. So on with the show. The play opens with a series of unexpected and delicious canapes that look unassuming, yet pack a ridiculous amount of flavour combinations.

Followed by a eight course taster menu and wine flight. Highlights included surprising and ingenious flavour combinations like foie gras, rhubarb, blood orange, almond milk, and things you’d absolutely expect to find on a Scottish menu like hand dived scallops with mackerel and salsify.

I’m a bit of a nosey parker, and love to see whats happening behind the scenes. The team were more that willing to accommodate and provided an exceptional whizz around the kitchen.

All this luxury, delight and attention to detail doesn’t come cheap. Don’t expect to get much change from £400. Its one for a special occasion. I would jump at the chance to go back.


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